Hi teamXBMC member, developer, contributer, skinner, donator, forum member but NOT XBMC Foundation Board Member

I love the fact that the community is having such a great input to the XBMC software. But since the XBMC Foundation is so not OPEN since beginning 2009, I (and you also) cannot answer some very basic questions:
– Who are the Foundation board members?
– What is the governance model?

In terms of legality this is not really a problem but when Free software is being developed within a charity Foundation, members and users have the right to know to whom and to what they are donating / contributing. This is a very basic standard for Free (community-developed) software & charity Foundations.

Since the President is aware of this problem and not undertaking any action, it´s clear that this Presidents has no interest in serving the community. This all has to do with ownership & control.

Hopefully, this letter creates some awareness of this contradiction between personal motivation to contribute and the current setup of this Foundation. Hopefully, you can devote some of your time to have a Foundation based on ethical and open source values, devoted to the interests of all users; like Free Software is intended to.

For more info:
Inside the shady XBMC Foundation
XBMC is not a community driven entity


Edit 13-01-2011:
Recently, on non-board member published a blogpost, with reference to this website, to tell something about it’s members. The rest is gibrish to me. Useless data and a waste of bandwidth. Besides named members, bylaws need to be published to see how trustworthy this Foundation is. Then we can start discussing this subject and see what we are dealing with.

User Freedoms
User Freedoms

“You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.” – Abraham Lincoln


3 thoughts on “Open letter to teamXBMC

  1. The lack of interest in users is becoming more widespread, if in fact the beginning of the foundation and all those sponsors and 3rd party companies who use xbmc source code has any correlation to the decline of quality of development and how little regard for users there i, I cant say for sure.

    Of course Team XBMC and respective foundation, can argue that it supports more platforms and is working hard in delivering XBMC to the masses because users asked for this.

    Would make more sense to deliver a consistent platform across PC, MAC and Linux before spreading thin the precious resource that is the developer.

    instead XBMC especially on Linux front these days is being left behind.

    From a unique point of view that Linux is the only true opensource OS as a base for XBMC, I have to wonder how genuine the interest is to fully integrate and develop a consistence platform for Linux as opposed to concentrate on shall we say closed devices and expensive operative systems.

  2. Humans are learning creatures. We evolve through sharing. Everyone has something to contribute to the cultural commons. And the cultural commons must remain open.

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